Lockdown Beauty: The New Ways To Keep Your Skin Healthy Now

Lockdown Beauty: The New Ways To Keep Your Skin Healthy Now

These days, your skin isn’t subjected to outdoor pollution or daily makeup-wearing, so why are breakouts and bad skin becoming a common complaint? We point out some possible culprits and tell you what to do to get great skin.

Here’s the new skincare knowledge you need right now to help you deal with lockdown skin. Yes, despite the fact that we are subjecting your skin to less stressors and detrimental factors like outdoor pollution, UV radiation and the daily wearing of makeup, breakouts and bad skin are happening.

And it’s not just you. It is a common complaint around the world, as the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing everyone to stay home and stay safe. But hey, count yourself lucky if you get to work from home, because there are those who cannot… And let’s get down to the solutions for your skin, pronto!

Lockdown Breakouts & Bad Skin

Breakouts flare up because of 3 main reasons: Stress, poor diet and lack of hygiene.

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Cause #1: Stress

Understandably, we are all under added stress as our daily lives change and when there’s stress there is a jump in our bodies’ cortisol levels. This wrecks havoc with hormones that control skin’s sebaceous glands and we end up with oilier skin, clogged pores and new zits.

The solution: Start with an effective cleanser to effectively get rid of excess oil like our Deep Cleanse (shop here), with astringent, pore-tightening and moisturising properties to normalise sebaceous glands for clear, blemish-free skin. Follow with suitable skincare steps for your skin. Also, keep calm, and keep your stress in check.

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Cause #2: Poor diet

There’s been many jokes and memes going around about overeating and getting fat during the lockdown because what else do you do when you’re at home almost 24/7 for weeks on end? Yep, you tend to snack much more (and probably exercise much less too). Eating poorly and overindulging could be the culprit that’s causing skin problems because this could upset your gut and digestive system, which in turn can wreak havoc on your skin. This could mean breakouts, heightened skin irritation and sensitivity and depleted moisture levels.

The solution: Try to eat healthier and include probiotics in your diet to balance your gut. Treat skin with extra TLC by cleansing well in the morning and at night before bed, yes even if you don’t put makeup on and go out, you still should keep to this regimen. Soothe and treat skin with our Purifying Booster (shop here), an ampoule that refreshes and renews skin with this soothing, anti-inflammatory, healing benefits. It also strengthens skin, stimulates cell renewal and shrinks pores. Apply after cleansing and toning skin day and night. A good non-comedogenic moisturiser is a must also, try our Quench (shop here), a natural, plant-based lightweight moisturiser that contains amino acids and enzymes to provide hydration to the skin, keep it moist and lock in the moisture, leaving you brighter, supple and dewy skin all day.

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Cause #3: Lack of hygiene You’re in the confines of your home almost 24/7 these days, but are you cleaning more? More lying in bed means you need to change the sheets more often. More eating, snacking and drinking around the house means you need to pull out the vacuum more often to eliminate crumbs and debris and working from home means you need wipe down high touch surfaces frequently; All these to prevent the spread of germs that can cause breakouts and skin problems when you touch your face. The solution: Step up your household cleaning and avoid touching your face. Cleanse well every morning and night and add on our Clarify (shop here), a skincare lotion that treats acne-inflamed skin by eliminating dirt, excess oil and dead cells and soothing the inflamation.

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If these skin issues don’t resolve, keep calm and make an appointment for a facial with us after the lockdown and we’ll sort out your skin. (WhatsApp us at 8352-7113 for appointments!) Check out some of our all-time favourite facials here.